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About us

SAR MEDIA is a web design and development Company in Indore established by IT experts. The company led up her first project with an aim to alleviate the day-to-day activities of individuals by applying IT resources. The project attained such a tremendous response and high degree of satisfaction of the clients that instantly with many government and private projects the name “SAR MEDIA” a software development company got established by her in 2015 in Indore. Till now the company has done wonders and has created its compound roots in government sector, medical and healthcare sector, and information technology, education, telecom, manufacturing, processing, textiles and many other sectors.

From start-up to established business journey, SAR MEDIA is your perfect IT service provider based in Indore and catering the services all over India. We offer a complete range of IT services like Web design and development, Network design and optimization, System integration, up-gradation and maintenance of network equipment, IT Infrastructure management, Technical assistance centre support, digital marketing, search engine optimization and IT Security services.

Our Mission

To drive our clients to meet their business goals with tech-driven online tools. To Design and develop thoroughly relevant website appealing specific business clients and make the website appear at the top in search engines with our SEO-Services, make the website popular to its prospective customers and users with our SMO services along with building a brand image through our business specific digital-marketing techniques and thus flourish your business to be the best in your field.

SAR MEDIA is a creative web designing company and efficient web development company with expertise in business development and search engine optimization acquirements. We are a dedicated, proficient, fictive and productive team of developers, SEO's, content writers, business development managers that incessantly thrives on driving your business growth towards the most successful position.

Our website development organizational structure is customer friendly that provides opportunity, space and transparency to our clients to coordinate with our team and share the requirements and track progress. We have a team of efficient developers who understand the client specific requirements and then the project started with a mission to make that client feel delighted working with SAR MEDIA, a software company in Indore. We offer salient features that separate us from the crew in the field which are: Our client-centric approach; proper process-oriented software development methodology; zeroing down the project risks; narrowing down the development time; focused, secure and strategic software development process; software development and services with updated, enhanced and best-suited technologies.

With all our features and the efforts we are known for five “R”s: Right Approach, Right Product and Service, Right Time, Right Cost, Right Training and support.
Join Hands with SAR MEDIA and Flourish your business as the Brand name in the field!!!

Flexible Approach

We understand that market demand and trend changes continuously so for major projects according to client’s need and requirements, we offer the flexible solutions also in our services.

Narrowing The Development Time

We continuously monitor the time associated with each process step along with maintaining the prodigious quality and put our best efforts to ensure minimized development time.

Use Of Latest And Appropriate Technology

SAR MEDIA is a complete IT solution providing company in Indore. We work on all the technologies and offer and finalize the best-suited technology for client’s project with his consent.

Zeroing Down The Project Risks

Not only our project managers but the entire team knows and values the importance of a project thus with time we have learned very creative and effective skills to zeroing down the project risks.

Focused, Secure And Strategic Sop (Standard Operating Procedure)

To ensure our services be the best and in time, we follow the SOP very rigorously. For each and every service type, we have formed SOP that is maintained throughout the years for every client in order to avoid any loose loop or issues in the process.

Effective Market Analysis

To help you more in the field and serve you the best service, we study the market trend, market offerings etc extensively and design and develop the website or service that can make your outstanding presence in the field.

Client Centric And Result Oriented Approach

At the very initial phase itself, we focus and take extensive care on understanding and analyzing the exact client’s need in order to attain RFT (Right first time) to avoid any loss of time during the process. Our project managers and business analysts understand your exact requirement, analyze the market and then identify the most suited and efficient manpower as well as the technology.

A Complete Transparent Policy

We believe Transparency is the need of today. It’s very important to be transparent with the clients to be able to deliver what they want at their highest satisfaction level. So we at SAR MEDIA, have a complete transparent policy wherein we share the progress, efforts, and ideas at every step with clients as per their availability so that client can track the progress of the project.

Prodigious Quality With Extensive Quality Checks

The QA (Quality Assurance) team at SAR MEDIA not only put efforts to maintain the standard quality but thrives continuously to create new BENCHMARKS in the field. At each and every development step, the quality is closely monitored and the deviations are controlled if found. Thus the QA team consistently works upon to provide you the best quality at its quality checkpoints at each step.

Organized And Distributed Data Centers

Our effectively organized and distributed data centers provide backup power supplies, data communication connections, security means and other environmental controls which makes the development easier, faster with no or minimal interruption.

Strong Data Replication System

Our data replication system is implemented in such a way that the entire team working on the same. Our effectively organized and distributed data centers provide backup power supplies, data communication connections, security means and other environmental controls which makes the development easier, faster with no or minimal interruption. the project is able to share, view and access the information from a database to server or vice versa to facilitate the smooth and consistent progress of development of a project.

Smart Fail-Over Technology

We at SAR MEDIA have a smart fail-over technique in the systems that automatically enables the system to restore the applications and services and transfer the control to the duplicate system in case of any failure or abnormal termination.

Efficacious Drp (Disaster Recovery Plan)

We have ensured our working securest by considering and implementing disaster recovery plan efficaciously. This program contains a standard procedure of all the preventive methods to avoid or minimize any risks of loss of data and security threats and also comprises of the measures to recover the data and security protection in case if the disaster occurs. This includes distribution of data centers geographically, taking back up of the data, applications, and hardware at various data centers at regular intervals, automatic data replication on various systems etc.


We offer 24/7 administration service to ensure smooth functioning and information sharing. Our administration and communication managers consistently look after information sharing procedure and helping the clients. Our 24/7 flexible administration service helps clients to track the progress of the project anytime along with communicating with us if there is any urgent requirement to be fulfilled.

Quality Management System

SAR MEDIA’s quality management system is based on TQM (TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT) PROCEDURE wherein not only the quality management team but also each and every employee consistently focuses on maintaining standards and improving the quality of products, processes, services, and culture to fulfill client’s requirement to achieve their best satisfaction level. This is attained by employing a set of tools, techniques, policy, objectives, processes, data management techniques etc. The TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AT SAR MEDIA comprises of:

Quality objectives and undertakings

Amplification and execution of procedures, regulations, and policy for software development process based on best industry standards;

Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma Approach

SAR MEDIA practices Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques and tools for Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) at various levels of a process. These techniques are practiced to remove and minimize the chances of defects, reduce time consumption and eliminate various types of wastage (MUDA) in the process to attain continuously improved output with minimum time consumption and optimum resources in the first go itself. It helps to improve productivity and quality and decreases rework, wastage and time associated with the process.

Quality circle

Dedicated Quality Circle team at SAR MEDIA regularly studies and analyses various processes of development to ensure RFT (RIGHT FIRST TIME) development.

Quality lifecycle management (QLM)

The QLM at SAR MEDIA comprises of various stages as follows:

Quality planning

Quality Planning is the first and the most important phase of Quality Management System. The managers at SAR MEDIA at the first stage identifies the exact needs of the client, understands the functionality requirements, then they plan the resources, and set up the standards.


After planning, our expert designers create customized designs to match the client’s requirements and expectations.


The designed specimen is tested for its functionality requirements thoroughly.

Launch and service

Once the trial specimen is thoroughly tested and found excellent in all the conditions, it is published and the services of documentation, training, maintenance and overall support are provided.

With years of experience in IT field where cyber threats are very common nowadays, we understand the importance the requirement of best Security and IP protection practices. At SAR MEDIA, we have a very RIGOROUS SECURITY POLICY to protect our clients’ data and intellectual property. The policy is as follows:

Non disclosure agreement with clients

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure them that the project details will never be disclosed to anyone. Extensive care will be taken while sharing the sensitive information among the project team and the client.

Non disclosure agreement with employees

Every team member who works on client’s project signs a non-disclosure agreement at SAR MEDIA to ensure that the member doesn’t share any information about the project with anyone apart from the ones he is supposed to.

Sequestration of the project teams

The teams are very carefully sequestrated with each other at SAR MEDIA to ensure no transfer of information among the various team members.

Title transfer

Once the project is completed successfully, we at SAR MEDIA follow a legal practice wherein all the members working on a project sign the agreement of assigning all the IPs to SAR MEDIA immediately and thereby giving the final authority and the single ownership to clients by SAR MEDIA.

Data and network security

All the servers at SAR MEDIA are virus free and well secured.

At SAR MEDIA we have a smart fail-over technique in the systems that automatically enables the system to restore the applications and services and transfer the control to the duplicate system in case of any failure or abnormal termination.

No VPN/VLAN/VNC is allowed in any of our systems except in the systems of authorized persons who need such access for their functional roles.

One project member can’t access the information or data of another project.

Among one project team also, the data is shared with the members depending on the usefulness and requirement of their tasks only.

No employee is allowed to take any type of data out of the premises.

The systems are restricted from the usage of removable media resources like CD, DVD, pen drive, hard disk etc.

Physical security

Employees are provided “ACCESS CARDS” which they have to bring to the company daily without which they can’t enter the premises to eliminate the risk of abnormal entries in the premises.

The company premise is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance for continuous monitoring.

Fire Protection is regularly maintained in the premises and fire training is provided at defined intervals.

Employees can’t visit other departments apart from the ones mentioned in their roles and responsibilities.