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SAR Media is best Construction ERP Software in India; a full functional internet ready real estate software solution known for real estate ERP and Construction management, Contracting & Real Estate industries. eReal estate online software solutions encompassing all the functional departments

Real Estate CRM Software

Construction and real estate softwarebridge between you and your real estate clients in the property world. We helps the builders and Contructions organisations to manage there busisness strongly with our Real Estate CRM Software in Indore, India.

Real Estate Web based Software

A real estate management software is certainly a necessary step towards a better business orientation. Without a top quality real estate software, you will find it very difficult to beat your competition. All you need is best real estate online software Services.

SAR helps you create the next generation of software products, cut costs and shorten the time to market the new product while ensuring higher quality, stunning user experience, newer features per release and greater innovation. We work with :

Tenant Management

Real Estate management software isn’t just about making your life as a manager easier by reducing paperwork and tedious tasks – it also makes your tenants happier. Our software is a valuable addition to any Real Estate solution because it allows your tenants to have a central place where they can pay their rent, submit maintenance requests, view their lease and see status updates on maintenance. Our Property Manager let tenants pay rent online, which reduces late payments and pays you faster.


As long as everything is working as intended, everyone is happy, but it seems that there’s always something to fix, inspect or replace. This is where facilities management tools are essential to measure and maintain your property’s health. In Buildium, once a tenant submits a maintenance request, you are able to view it, assign the task to a staff member and update the status of the request in the system. Our Application software cuts down considerably on paperwork, additionally it allow managers to solicit bids, track vendors and make payments electronically.

Help & Support

You can contact customer support in a number of different ways in our customize software. Our online forum is a great way to ask questions and learn from other property managers that use the product. Our FAQs sections is clear and informative.

Accounting & Reporting

One of most time-consuming tasks of any property manager is handling the money. You have money coming in and going out in various forms. Our Software help you keep track of deposits, rent payments, maintenance costs, payment to vendors and more with powerful accounting tools. These features enable you to track income and expenses, prevent clerical errors and make payments when necessary.

E-real estate customize solution

Most Real Estate Solutions handle the basics of Real Estate. Across the board, every online Real Estate system includes a way for your tenants to pay rent through the portal, even if a third party is involved. Maintenance is a big part of a property manager’s life, so you’re going to find a way to fire off a work order to your staff through this programs. Also, you’d be hard pressed to find a rental Real Estate program that doesn’t include accounting and reporting tools.Our Real Estate software has a good balance of marketing, tenant and maintenance management, accounting and reporting features, and extras that make your life easier, like mobile apps. The software is easy to use and offer reliable technical support.


o fill vacancies quickly and effectively, you need tools that help cut down on the time you spend posting listings, sending applications to potential tenants and answering the phone. Our Property Manager let you create HTML-coded listings that you can store in the system for each of your units. When you have a vacancy, simply click a few buttons and the Real Estate software posts your listing on your website. Top rental websites can then pick them up and attract interested parties quickly. Applicants can fill out an online form to apply for the unit, and you won’t have to spend hours responding to emails and phone calls just to send out applications. Those who apply can even pay their fees online, which eliminates the need to wait for someone to come in with cash, check or money order.

Why SAR for real Estate Software and Services?


Reduce your time to market

SAR Real estate software delivers great visibility and ability to optimize the entire construction and buying/selling process and helps to speed up efficiencies in your business processes. Contact us to more about real estate software.


Highly skilled team

Building a great software needs a team with multiple skills and the required different skill levels are much higher as compared to regular software application development. We have a great team of efficient people from real estate and other backgrounds that adds richness to our real estate management software capabilities.


Speed of execution

Speed of development is one of the most important benchmarks for us. With SAR, you can aim for MVP rollout in days. We build everything on a robust home-grown framework that allows us to develop rapidly. Fast is in our DNA.